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LifeHacker « That's a worthy trade, I'd think, and I'm finding it more useful and less intrusive (or slow) than HTC's Sense keyboard or Swype. » Kevin Purdy

CNet « The effect is subtle but effective. When I tried it at first I didn't even notice what was going on. But it works, and the smaller the screen (or the fatter your fingers), the better. » Rafe Needleman

Gizmodo « There are plenty of keyboard "improvement" apps on the Marketplace meant to improve Android's typing experience. Two reasons: because the Android soft-keyboard sucks, and because Android is open enough that they can. ThickButtons is a pretty good evolution of this. » Jason Chen

PCWorld « I was particularly pleased with the experience on the myTouch: Typing on the somewhat small 3-inch display was a breeze! My large-hand colleague who normally loathes typing anything more than a few words on his Android phone found it to be a major improvement as well. » Ginny Mies

Wired « It's an interesting spin on the predictive text input technology. Instead of trying to predict the full word during the typing process - as most predictive text systems do - ThickButtons highlights the next few letters that you are likely to use to create the word. » Priya Ganapati

Fortune « Swype's method of sliding instead of tapping is pretty effective but requires a radically new way of thinking. If you want something a lot easier (both to install and use) have a look at ThickButtons. » Seth Weintraub

IntoMobile « With more practice, the ease of use will probably get much easier. I always have to use the HTC keyboard that comes on the hero/Eris devices, but Thick Buttons is nice enough to set the HTC keyboard aside, and hopefully I may have found my new keyboard of choice. » Marin

jkOnTheRun «a nice combination of predictive text and visual help» Kevin C. Tofel

AndroidGuys «...thanks to ThickButtons typing has just got a bit easier for those of us who are "less than delicate". » Scotty Brown

Android and me « ThickButtons does not ask users to change their typing behaviors by learning a new way to type. Some of the recent predictive typing technologies in the industry include training steps and involve a learning curve before users become familiar with the process. With ThickButtons, just type the same way you have all your life. » Taylor Wimberly

ThisAndroidLife « We think that the new version of ThickButtons might be the piece of software that makes us finally let go of standard keyboard. It strikes a great balance between improving your typing speed and accuracy whilst not presenting the user with a completely new input method to master. » Nick Hoddinott

Gadgetsteria «The concept is pretty intriguing» Mike

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