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ThickButtons Launches Accurate, Convenient Typing for Touchscreen Phones

New predictive text application simplifies typing for the Android

DESERT SPRINGS, Calif., March 22, 2010 — Today, ThickButtons announces a smarter, easier and more accurate way to type on your touchscreen phone: introducing ThickButtons 0.6, an application available for free download on Android phones. ThickButtons improves ease and accuracy on the touchscreen by shrinking the letters that are not likely to be used and enlarging the buttons that are.

While the underlying science and algorithms are complicated, the interface is simple: unlike most dictionary-based prediction technologies that guess the full word during the typing process, ThickButtons finds it much easier to predict the letters unlikely to be used and make them smaller, leaving rest of the text more accessible. With ThickButtons technology, the size of a phone screen is less of an issue because the buttons are enlarged.

«ThickButtons simplifies the way we type on our touchscreen smartphones», said Dimitri Lisitski, co-founder of ThickButtons. «Recent studies have documented a spiking demand for touchscreen smartphones – and correspondingly, people have been typing a lot more – with some frustrating and hilarious results. Dictionary-based technologies often can't keep up with names, slang and vernacular. Our technology simply approaches the same problem from a different angle. With ThickButtons, we are helping to eliminate the frustration of misspelled, mistyped, and misuse of text, ultimately improving communication».

Main benefits

No Change in Typing Habits: ThickButtons does not ask users to change their typing behaviors by learning a new way to type. Some of the recent predictive typing technologies in the industry include training steps and involve a learning curve before users become familiar with the process. With ThickButtons, just type the same way you have all your life.

Less Dependent on Dictionary: Traditional prediction-based technologies are effective only when a significant part of the word is entered. ThickButtons is unique because it begins working after just a few letters are entered. Less relevant buttons shrink and the buttons more likely to be used become larger. In some cases there is no dependency on the dictionary at all. For example, if a user presses backspace, three adjacent keys are enlarged offering a workaround for the most common mistakes.

Easy to Type Even on Small Screens: ThickButtons technology accommodates users of smartphones with small screens. No matter the size of a screen, ThickButtons becomes large enough for people to still use their fingers to type, eliminating the need for a stylus.

ThickButtons version 0.6 for Android is now available for free download at the Android Market (market://search?q=pname:com.thickbuttons) and A version for Windows Mobile 7 is currently under development. ThickButtons has also created an open community for users to share their typing experience with ThickButtons´ developers, to ask questions and to suggest features. The team promises to actively participate with the community and to develop the most demanded features first. The community is available at .

About ThickButtons

Founded in November 2008, ThickButtons introduces a technology that makes text input on touchscreen smartphones, even small ones, easy, convenient and accurate. ThickButtons´ technology is based on the premise that it's much easier to predict which letters are unlikely to be used than to guess the full word, as other prediction technologies do. ThickButtons then shrinks the less-used letters out of the way, which leaves room to enlarge the letters a user needs. Input is easy, with no need to learn a new typing method. ThickButtons is less dependent on dictionary input than other predictive technologies, and therefore learns new words like slang and Instant Message or SMS acronyms quickly. The Android version of ThickButtons will be available on Android Market (market://search?q=pname:com.thickbuttons) and select websites in March 2010, with Windows Mobile 7 coming later. The company is self-funded and has 6 employees in Silicon Valley and Ukraine. For more information please visit .


  • Easy to type on touchscreens of any size;
  • No need to learn a new typing method;
  • Low dependency on the dictionary;
  • Easy to correct mistakes.


Dimitri Lisitski
CEO & Co-founder
(650) 209-4606

Merredith Branscombe
The Hoffman Agency
(303) 327-5478

Twitter: @thickbuttons
Blog: ThickButtons Product Blog


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Dimitri Lisitski, CEO & Co-Founder
Dimitri Lisitski is CEO and co-founder of Thickbuttons. Lisitski oversees business, product and marketing activities for Thickbuttons. Prior to Thickbuttons Lisitski founded BrightSide Software, a software company focused on the enterprise 2.0 software. Prior to BrightSide, Lisitski was a co-founder of BonutTec, a New Jersey based software product engineering company focused on telecom and wireless industries. Since its acquisition in 2006 by GlobalLogic, Lisitski served as VP of Finance and Corporate Development being responsible for M&A in the Eastern Europe. Lisitski has started his career in Starcom media agency and has more than 8 years of experience in marketing and media. Lisitski is a co-founder of Startup Crash Test initiative. Lisitski holds M.S. in Applied Math and B.S. in finance from T. Shevchenko State Kiev University.

Andrew Pavliv, CTO & Co-Founder
Andrew Pavliv is CTO and co-founder of Thickbuttons. As CTO, Pavliv overseas all technology functions and is responsible for all software updates, product inquires and information technology-related initiatives. Prior to Thickbuttons, Pavliv co-founded IM-History and G-Recorder, instant messaging related startups which use Cloud Computing to consolidate and store track record of all Instant Messaging conversations and N-iX, a software engineering and information technology services company. In addition, Pavliv currently responsible for international business development at N-iX as well as new products initiatives and investment opportunities. Pavliv has more than six years of research and development and over five years of business development and management in the technology sector, serving global companies such as Novell, SteamServe, SiCortex and Anoto Group. Pavliv graduated Lviv National University and holds a master degree in software engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is ThickButtons available for?
ThickButtons is currently available for Android. Windows Mobile 7 version is under development. Other platforms/UIs will be supported upon the interest of platform/UI producers.

What languages does ThickButtons support?
ThickButtons works in English. Most popular languages will be supported by the end of 2010.

Where Thickbuttons can be downloaded from?
ThickButtons 0.6 for Android is now available for free download at the Android Market (market://search?q=pname:com.thickbuttons) and Upgrades will be distributed over-the-air through Android Market. Upcoming versions for other platforms will be shipped integrated into platforms.

How does quality of prediction compare to other text input technologies?
ThickButtons employs more efficient prediction algorithm than traditional prediction-based technologies such as T9 or SureType. Instead of trying to predict the word, ThickButtons is focused to predict which letters are unlikely to be used in order to redistribute the space to useful buttons. Usually it's enough to type one or two letters, and a few useless buttons shrink in each row, effectively enlarging the useful buttons by 15-20%. ThickButtons uses built-in dictionary and it learns new user words as typed.

How does ThickButtons handle words which are not in a dictionary?
In case if the word is missing from the dictionary, it's not needed to re-type the word from scratch. It usually helps to type a common prefix and then ThickButtons turns off for this word, and user continues to type as on a regular keyboard. Once you have entered the word it will be automatically placed it in the dictionary.

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© 2008 — 2009 Dmitri Lisitski and Andrew Pavliv. ThickButtons software is produced by N-iX LLC in 2009. ThickButtons technology US patents 61/111,891 from Nov 6, 2008 and 12/612,873 from Nov 5, 2009, international patent PCT/US10/22137 from Nov 5, 2009